Videogames bring out my weird aggressive side, and I love it

My piece on videogaming and alternate personalities, for the lovely Banderola!

the Banderola

(Credit: (Credit:

written by Zozi

Both of my brothers are gamers. Whenever I mention videogames to my little brother, he fixes me with a weary and cynical eye. “Yes, but you’ve only ever liked two games,” he says. “The Sims and Civilization.”

To keep the upstart in his place, I remind him that I remember the dawn of the Internet age, when we played The Crystal Rainforest and I got Encarta as a present. “I remember when not every child in our class had a computer,” I thunder. “You weren’t even born then.” I feel like an old woman of the hills, complaining about this new-fangled electricity.

He is right, though. I don’t buy new videogames (unless you count upgrades of games I own). I respect that videogames are an art form, but I use them for escapism and not to challenge or push myself. So I fit…

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